About Me

Sketched for MeLearn alil more ABOUT ME with my TOP TEN list and brief summary of the blogs purpose

This blog is simply going to act as a GO TO location for my friends and family to check in on my lil happenings as they go on…whether it be everyday life, a new crafty project or scrapbook page, travel near or far and/or local or far away adventures. This will NOT be about work (either job) or MEN…anyone in my real life hears enough about both regularly!!

Take a look around and as always let me know what you think.
Big BIG Hugs,

My TEN essentials …After 40yrs, I have come to realize that there are some ‘essentials’ that I cannot live without- not in any particular order.  

  • email
  • my family
  • bread
  • smiling
  • finding pleasure in ‘it’… whatever ‘it’ happens to be at the time
  • a car
  • my computers
  • hugs
  • water
  • hate to say it but my BlackBerry has to be on the list… its such a cliché but it truly makes my life so much easier that being without it makes me perspire a lil’.

 My NINE most frequented retailers/websites

  • Costco.ca –Photo Lab
  • Safeway
  • Starbucks
  • Michael’s
  • Pinterest
  • Google Maps
  • Ebay.com
  • Amazon
  • YouTube

EIGHT places I’d love to visit (newly revised list ..but we know this list is actually MASSIVE in my head)

  • My grandma’s resting place
  • The Disney Parks I haven’t seen yet
  • Tuscany (2014)
  • South Africa – maybe
  • Alaska 2009
  • Scotland
  • Greek Islands
  • Napa… an in-depth tour…actually thinking Sonoma area more now

SEVEN things I love about my week

  • Monday – a fresh start …just like January for a New Year, my bday for a start NOW feeling, September for a re-engerizing back to school or work kick start . Really LOVE Mondays
  • Tuesday – usually works out to be my Friday at the store so YA!!
  • Wednesday – solid day at office and kicking butt getting stuff done
  • Thursday – usually Julian’s & my Date Day, and evening OUT
  • Friday – 1st day back at store and usually DVD night
  • Saturday – social casual time at work
  • Sunday – TV Sunday night is awesome…favourite day at the store

SIX things I do every day without fail

  • Wash my face
  • Make a list
  • Cross things off my list & rewrite it chronologically
  • Take a picture
  • Indulge… one way or another
  • Email somebody about something (on my list)

FIVE photos I love

Melted my Heart while away

Favourite MouseViennapoledancingHe'll always be my baby brotherFOUR top indulgences

  • 2 hr hot bath w/a glass of chilled white wine and a book or mag
  • An evening of laughter, food and friends
  • Couple hours of uninterrupted good TV or movie
  • An afternoon of being creatively …scrapbooking, painting, etc

THREE is the amount of times I have truly been in love, HOWEVER didn’t discover the true meaning or felt it unconditionally until June ‘07

TWO things you can always find in my refrigerator –

  • Vodka…Grey Goose and Vanilla Stoli as well as Veggies that are past their expiry…ick

ONE addt’l and totally unimportant thing you should know about me:

I truly believe that the combination of peanut butter & chocolate should be outlawed. I mean, just think about it, it’s a spreadable savoury breakfast condiment and a sweet afternoon treat … it just doesn’t make sense and will never cross my lips

Thanks so much for checking in,

Hugs, Carole

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. ok, first of all–I never knew Vodka to expire. Maybe the bottlers put on a date so you will buy more!!!!

  2. haven’t seen you in seems like forever. found your business card today and put it in my address book. checked out your blog for the first time. humorous. insights . . .
    what r u doin’ this summer?

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