Ever been in that head space where you feel blah everyday… uugghh, that’s me nowadays, and loads of it has to do with the fact that I feel awful in my own skin. Just plain gross!

Summertime doesn’t help… skimpy clothes, ridiculous heat wave forcing you to wear less and less, and the insane amount of weight I have packed on over the last year; it’s all made me miserable.

Trying a new meal plan...AGAINSo here I am, in the most public way I know… well, that’s not technically true… I do feel much safer posting here than Twitter or Facebook… but either way, here I am saying I am TRYING AGAIN … I am jumping on the bandwagon… I am starting a new plan (of starvation) of sensible ‘no fun boring blah’ eating.

Wish me luck but if you do see me enjoying a cinnamon bun or choc.chip cookie, DO NOT look twice and just know inside; that it must be one of those days,

Thanking you for your support ahead of time,

Smiles, Carole