All men in my family are extremely handy… both my grandpas, my dad and even my baby brother… but sadly I had little opportunity to learn from any of them.

What I did have though; was the privilege to be raised in a single parent home by one of the strongest and most competent woman on the planet, and my Mom fully believed in the concept that YOU can do anything you put your mind too. (also that girls can do anything and everything boys can do… do well, while also putting the laundry away and mixing dinner on the stove).

Even though, Mr Perfect is coming to visit tomorrow, and I am only 3 days out of surgery… the entire west coast of North America has been warned about the heat wave coming this weekend and I really wanted to get my fancy new air conditioning unit hooked up.

AirConditioning Hook-upSo there I was sprawled out in the living room with little pieces of plastic, hoses, long plastic slats and bits everywhere. Then I do what everyone on the planet does nowadays when they are trying to figure out how to do install, assemble or create something new… yep, I log’d into YouTube.

My motto – if there isn’t a YouTube video on it; you don’t really want to do it.

(Sadly though there was nothing for my make or model of unit but Danby did have a couple ‘semi-‘ helpful ones)

The hoses were abit of a battle, the window bracket was a nightmare… totally didn’t fit – the screws didn’t fit properly – and trying to maneuver around this behemoth was brutal; it weighs a friggin ton at 85lbs.

After about 20mins of trying to get these stupid lil screws to work with no luck, I decided to do what I ALWAYS do with having a hardware dilemma . I drove over to Home Depot… yes, this is my default. My grandpas sadly have passed, my dad is thousands of miles away, my brother is working… but my mother did tell me that I can do this, so DAMMIT,  there I was on my way to Home Depot to get some advice as well as reassurance that what I have done so far is correct and that these screws are TOTALLY wrong. 🙂

I was not in there more than 10mins,  got everything I needed as well as a quick boost of confidence… and was headed back home feeling much better.

My window fitting isn’t air type (or even close), the whole unit needs to sit in the middle of my living room and I am still trying to program the remote control programs but currently it is 28C degrees outside and I am quite cool & content typing up a blog post telling the world… that even though we love those stinken boys, and life would be a drag without them… we really can do anything ourselves and yep, Mom once again you were right.

Thanks for checking in, Carole