Dina Wakley Colour ClassI had been looking forward to this weekend for months – and she didn’t disappoint.

I signed up for Dina’s colour class on Day 1; even though we know my true colour love is brown – all shades of browns –  taupe, cream and beige. I love me some neutrals… but Dina is all about the bright vivid colours and I knew, if I were going to get some brilliant sage advice anywhere, it would be from her.

This woman knows her stuff – she is the author of 2 books on ArtJournalling, Colour, Design and Composition as well as a designer of her own paint line with Ranger, stencils with Crafters Workshop and much more… is a brilliant and hilarious teacher as well as a genuinely kind and sweet woman.

Dina shared a couple of her worksheets with us – explaining how colours relate together, which was perfect for me since most of what you read or are taught about colour  is all artsy-fartsy airy-fairy mumbo-jumbo like… what does the colour say to you?? can you feel what colour to use next? which colour is speaking to you? but naturally don’t go with the obvious choice …uugghh, hated it all.

But Dina’s explanation was very logical, less airy fairy… brilliant. Easy to follow and plan!

Then day 2, at A Cut Above, we played with bright colours again and spent time focusing on how the pages need to be complimentary since you can see through the cuts. It was awesomely fun…

The page below is a layout for Cut Above and you can see the page, stamping, and images behind it.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what you think,

Dina Wakley A Cut Above