Pinterest  VancouverScrapsIt’s no secret I LOVE PINTEREST… if you don’t know it (hhmm, where have you been?? lol… it is a plethora of eye candy from amazing new yummy recipes, scrapbooking ideas, travel tips and inspirations, home projects, art stuff and sssoooo much more!!!) and my accounts is at under ‘vancouverscraps’

It is my Facebook for time sucking… 2 hrs will go by and I don’t even notice… I am literally on it every single day!! I have close to 3000 pins and over 1000 likes… ‘Likes’ mean they haven’t been pinned yet because I just need to check the source or their usefulness.

garlic butter croutonsI have some projects, recipes and home projects that I really love and am so excited to share them with you. (click on the linked text)

Ok first as I type this I am snacking… yes snacking on croutons… I know, I know; croutons… but you must try these amazing morsels. Garlic Butter Croutons

They are divine… and you won’t be able to save them simply for just salads, I promise. I am picturing them crumbled on top mac n cheese and more.

I made these roasted potatoes for my man and holy crap they were good  They were so flipping good that even though they were initially for him, DrippingFlowers Abstract ArtI ate way more than my portion as they came out of the oven, as they cooled on top and before even hitting the table. I cook them longer than the recipe calls for and I just watch them to get super crispy… I LOVE crispy!!

An abstract art piece caught my eye one day and I tried to do my own version when Doris and I were out at Raw Canvas one night – after some yummy munchies and a couple glasses of wine.

Of course, mine needed to be much less bright and in my neutral palate, but I love the way it turned out and more importantly, we had a ton of fun.

My Abstract African SplatterThen there is one of my most favourite canvases ever!!  I came across a brightly coloured African Map of splatters on pinterest and was initially going to buy it til I figured out a way to do it myself.

I die-cut the continent with my Silhouette and dabbed a variety of, yes neutral, paints at again Raw Canvas in 2013 then brought it home to spray and splatter. and once again, love it!!

See this is why Pinterest is so brilliant to me, it is so full inspiration and ideas for you to jump from.

What have you discovered, attempted and loved from Pinterest?? Share… I can’t wait to see

Thanks tons for checking in,