As J reaches 7 1/2yrs old, and is FULLY embracing all that THAT means… if you have hung out with a 7 yr old lately then you know what I mean. 🙂
I am drawn to our simpler times and fun memories.

I eat my veggies thereThis was a layout I started in Oct 13, and just finished it last month. (one of my goals for 2015 is to complete projects… and yes, I don’t need reminding that it was a goal from 2013 and 2014…lol)

Here is the journalling …

You had another tooth ready to fall out any second, but tomorrow is Gr 1 picture day & your Mom was really concerned about it. So, as we headed to McDonald’s for dinner tonight, I asked you to try & chew on the other side of your mouth so you wouldn’t knock out your tooth accidentally. You thought about it for a second, than responded…

But I eat my veggies on that side.

It was such an innocent and quick response that I had no words. Man, does he have his Dad’s wit!!

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