JillyBean's Bday GiftWOW, you know you have too much on your plate and perhaps that your last year was beyond overwhelming when you give one of your best friends her birthday gift in January when her birthday was the previous JUNE!!!

And to make things worse, I have actually seen her a few times between June and now but always had too much going on in my head to ever remember to actually bring her gift and card with me.  Uugghh, brutal!!
Sorry JillyBean!!

But I promise 2015, to be/do better! It has already started out much better and I am actually starting to feel like myself again. Alil more energy, alil more business focus and alil more mental grounding than I have had in over 13 mos. And hold the phone… think I am going to get to the gym this week. Doris and my man have inspired me!!

https://carolemac.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/img_0159dt.jpgThis month, I spent some amazing time with one of my favourite US mixed media artists, Donna Downey (sadly no Bill this time, he was off selecting fabric for Donna’s new line) as well as had some great nights out with friends and am finally getting some good quality time with the man.

Canvases made with DonnaAll in all, 2015 is looking up. Yes, I know we are only 6 weeks in but come on people, it’s all about keeping positive.

Thanks as always for checking in, Big Hugs, Carole