My Grizzly Photo Safari started off with the same type of drama that seems to be my M.O. now a days. Missed the YVR shuttle because I stopped to get Starbucks in the AM, got dropped at the wrong terminal causing me to run full out to my gate, due to workload, stress & cost,I had to cut the days of the tour down from the original 7 to only 2 SO this once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience quickly was becoming an adventure of nothing but stress & panic from hour one! uugghh

my view for the whole flightAfter finally arriving at the gate, and boarding in the nick of time, THIS was my view the entire time up to Prince Rupert. Yes she is cute, but can’t she feel my disdain for children…. and irritation with being disturbed. UUgghh!!

I then leave the small plane from YVR, board a smaller plane in Price Rupert and get on the boat that takes us up the coast in alignment with Alaska.  The boat was great with an upper deck with the ‘cockpit’…lack of knowledge for the real word… as well as loads of privacy… didn’t know I was supposed to be downstairs on the passenger level…oops! (they couldn’t have meant that rule from ME…could they??!!?)

But then, on the 2 hrs up the coast, I fell madly in love… no, not with some sexy captain, or even a rugged seaman on board or a foreign traveler to our lovely land but with this … ohhh man, isn’t it hot!??!!! Literally felt my heart go pitter patter…lol

MyDream LensThis sexy piece of Canon brilliant technology caught my eye early on and wouldn’t let up the whole trip. Finally I had to say something to the owner about my ‘equipment envy’… then because the universe was smiling on me today, he offered to let me use it and attach it to my own camera!! OMG… heavenly… and came home trying to justify this $12,000.oo purchase… hahaha

IMG_2484A_resizeAnd of course, the reason why I wanted to use that insane lens, was baby cub treasures like this lil one…

IMG_2445Claws_resizeHere’s another lil one making his way over a mossy log… the scenery was stellar but look at his claws – holy crapola

IMG_2571A_resizeThis was a momma bear who was letting her lil one know that he was getting too far away… yep, I wouldn’t argue with her either. He immediately came running back. This is my favorite thing to do while witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat… just sit back and watch them to their thing. In my opinion, the boat moved on too quickly from one group of duo of bears to another… I understand that that’s what people pay for …see lots of GRIZZLIES… but I, for one, would be sssoo content to just sit for a few mins with one group to watch behaviors, interactions, reactions, etc…

IMG_2605A_resizeHere is that same momma bear again, feeling much better about the situation clearly. But always keeping a motherly watch on him…

BTW this is sedge grass… total protein based… interesting I thought.

IMG_2688A_resizeSo as we were heading in, we passed this small island filled with sea lions… as the boat approached though all the seals darted into the water… this one and a smattering of others stayed behind, of which I was very grateful… look at those eyes!!

IMG_2742A_resizeOn the 2nd day, the boys do this bizarre cawing into a microphone and throw clams and raw chum-like stuff off the deck for the eagles… well, the eagles are totally game for this little show because man, did they perform. At one point, I counted 23 eagles circled, diving and battling… it was an awesome sight.

IMG_2780A_resizeThis is the fine line with photography… do I pull the lens back so I can get the whole bird with his full wing span or stay zoomed in so we can see some of the details… uugghh oohh the struggle…teeheehee

IMG_2791A_resizeI loved this guy, because you can tell he is solely focused on his mission of getting FOOD!!

Of course, there were a million more shots and think I posted most of them on Flickr but wanted to share a couple here too and tell you about the experience.

It was good for the most part, but definitely NOT enough time with the bears… think next time I will do one of the sleep over many night packages and also one with a view platform where I can sit for as long as I want. (Remember the watering hole in Africa, right outside my bedroom and how I spent the whole night out there watching… and watching and listening… it was MAGIC)
The boat was gorgeous and huge and the crew were amazing. I really appreciated the few little nature talks they did as well about the region and the bears themselves… that was interesting.
the food.. once again, I am choosing not to mention…lol

So that was my June adventure … can’t wait to spend time with the Orca whales next month.

Thx for checking in,
Hugs, Carole