SilksClassNow anyone that knows Doris, knows that mornings aren’t her favourite time of the day but my dear dear friend showed up at my place at 630am to pick me up for a promising girls weekend in Seattle. WOW you know you have a good friend when she would get up that early for you, scrap her windshield and drive out to Richmond… she is so sweet!!
I had even gone to ‘Bucks beforehand to grab us some beverages for the road because I had been up for hours at that point (lol) …sadly when juggling my suitcase, our lil cooler with lunch and treats, and a special bday gift to open on my actual birthday I dropped our drinks all over my lobby… gulp, oops!!! uugghh…

SilksClass_DorisOur first stop was to an Aerial Silks class @11am just beside SeaTac airport…where we were taught many tips and tricks on how to use the fabric strips hanging from the ceiling safely and properly. WOW, the instructor made it look so easy and so graceful… Dee and I …well, not so much but holy crow we had a ton of fun and were actually sweating after… it was an amazing workout. In the end, we couldn’t figure out if our ABS were hurting because of the movements or because we were laughing so hard… it was hilarious.

MarchSilksCaroleWe went on from the Aerial Class to Woodinville where they house the most bizarre set up of wine tasting rooms. It was a commercial group of buildings where they do the bottling and tastings. All the wineries represented do their growing elsewhere in the state but come together in this one central location on the weekends for the public to try their wines.

We visited at least 4 of the wineries for at least 5 tastings at each… so by the 2nd one we were finely toasted and having fun. We really enjoyed the Italian and the Spanish ones …but truly just about everything was yummy.

WodinvilleWinesThen we headed into downtown Seattle to stay at the W one night and the Sheraton for the other… both arranged and taken care of by my baby brother and his lovely wife.

Then the next day we headed off to Boeing Field for a Helicopter Lesson…. that’s right; I learned to fly a Helicopter….crazy right!!!

BdayPilotI met my instructor and had a one hour ground lesson where he went over all parts of the copter and what I could expect, how to course correct any problems and why a helicopter is different from plane…

CopterControlsThen we took off, which of course he did… then he gave me control… sadly every time I took over I kept taking us into a nose dive. He would even us out each time and then hand over control again. Each time I would freak out slightly…  imagine all of a sudden, being face down to the ground… a touch concerning LOL.

CopterInstructorThis is Brian… my instructor and savoir…literally 🙂 He was so calm, cool and collected

FlyingHIgh(Look Ma, I am flying…) Think I will post a bunch of Copter Shoots on Flickr so will update here when done.

CocoaWest TrufflesIt was the most fun EVER… I loved it!!! and wanted to do it again and again… then Doris and I went and did some shopping, had dinner and enjoyed happy hour in the hotel. THEN later that night… well technically, early the next morning, after a fun ‘texting marathon’ with my new man, I was able to open another birthday gift… a box of my favourite truffles on the planet. They are only available at a specific chocolatier on Bowen Island where he had to psychically go visit to get for me… how amazingly sweet is that. Doris and I very much enjoyed them (yep, I did share) and were so moved by his actions. So amazingly thoughtful. (as a small side note, gotta say…this one is blowing my mind…hhhmmm)

March TreatsThen we got back to town late in the day, and when heading to work the next day, I was also moved by the kindness of my dear friend Rhonda when she arrived at the store (on her day off) with my most favourite cinnamon bun and a Starbucks card for my bday and another friend at the store brought me a HUGE chocolate almond croissant… i told you i was spoiled rotten.

MarchAnton'sIt was the most magical birthday EVER… on many many levels. Gorgeous eCard from my Dad, beautiful touching card (with alil American LOVE) from my Mommy, a fun and spirited meal with JillyBean and Shelley at Luke’s on Granville with plans for a great PaintNiteOut and fabulous dinner out with my family at my favourite italian restaurant on the planet, Anton’s. A whole month of favourites and a month of super special moments and memories. I could NOT have asked for anything more perfect.

Thank you all so much,