…as only March can be!! WOW it was a jammed packed month and I am tickled to be able to share bits n pieces of it with you.

MarchGastroTourThe month started off with a fabulous gift from a friend… a GastroPhoto Tour… what the heck, right??? It was a Photo Walk with a professional photographer down Main St to a few different bistros and 2 bakeries while getting tips and tricks on taking food photos.

I decided to use my BlackBerry thru the tour because taking pics with my DSLR is never an issue.  Since most of the time when I am out and want to grab a pic of our dinner or some appies, I only have my BB with me and thought she might have some good smartphone tips…. WELL>>> that wasn’t technically the case.

Sadly it was pissing rain, so walking to each venue was irritating, I was the only one wanting to use my phone so all the hints about depth of field etc were wasted and then she started giving us help on staging… BUT the food arrives at your table PRE-STAGED… and because I only eat HOT food, I had no desire to rearrange it so I could take a photo.

MarchCupcakesSo even though it was fun sending an afternoon with fellow camera enthusiasts and see a few different restaurants on Main St that I had never been too… and was an incredibly thoughtful and brilliant gift… as usual as i hoped it would be more.

Then Linda stopped by the office one day and brought me my favourite cupcakes for an early bday surprise… so thoughtful and so friggin yummy.

I LOVE RED VELVET cupcakes… but wow its amazing how different they are at each bakery.  Its a very distinct flavouring…not like chocolate or vanilla… very specific and so flippin good!!

LegoGirlWhistlerThen Chadley (Chad T…from way way back) and I (oohh, and his new girlfriend) went up to Whistler to go Skeleton Sledding at the Olympic Sliding Center. We spent a couple hours before taking photos and watching the bobsledding… they go ridiculously fast so snapping a photo was really really hard… but HA… I got a few!!!

(Also recently I saw the cutest photo of a Mini Lego figurine with a camera taking a photo in London on Pinterest… and had the best idea… what if I take my lil Lego Girl with me on all my adventures and get photos of her everywhere… so this is the 1st shot of her at Whistler)

MarchBobsleddingThe sliding experience itself was super fun… like amazing fun… but then I got to the bottom (,made the rookie mistake of relaxing) and ping pong’d off the wall and as many of you know, this gave me a concussion and made me nauseous for the rest of the day.  However Chad and Barb stayed with me, drove me around til I was feeling a touch better… even though I JUST WANTED to go home… then it hit me, that when my tummy gets upset, my Mom would get me some GingerAle and saltines so we stopped at the closest pub on such a hunt … miracle of miracles… they helped tremendously!!

MarchMagicAnd this was just the first 2 weeks… including some very special MAGIC… the rest to follow soon…