2013 Birthday Shot

2013 Birthday Shot

OK I know a ton of people think astrology is full of ca-ca… but I, for one, have always been a full-fledged Arian… everything you read… I mean, everything I read has always been 100% bag on for my personality, my thought process and my feelings.

I remember once meeting a guy at SandBar for the first time years ago and he asked me my sign… initially, I thought…wow, weak line buddy… but I was happy and proud to play along… so said “Aries”… swear to god, you would have thought I said “Serial Killer or Child Molester”  The guy sort of jumped back and grabbed his drink while declaring “Oh, we will never get along. I have never been able to tolerate an Aries”

To which I RESPONDED … of course, without batting an eye… “Well, it does take a real man to do it… so maybe when you grow a pair you can try again” then I walked away. UUGGH, can you imagine being so caught up in the theory of it all that you are willing to dismiss an entire group of people because of their birthday dates. Friggin nuts!! …and yes, very very weak!!

But I digress and now back to me…lol…  actually to my sign and some fun tweets recently from @AllAboutAries that I find to be so perfectly stated that I HAD to share.

#Arians are ambitious, with lots of drive and a strong will to lead. They are poor followers.
(sheepishly grinning, yep, not a great follower)

Although an #Aries appetite is lusty and they radiate sensuality, at the end of the day, they just want that special someone who truly gets them.
(aaahh we do love to just cuddle too…lol)

#Aries spend about 70% of their time replaying memories and creating scenarios of perfect moments.
(WOW I thought it was more than 70%… but YEP, I am all about the moments)

Sometimes when #Aries pushes you away, they are really fighting for you to pull them closer. Don’t let them go.
(it’s pathetic but oh so true)

The typical #Aries will dine with beggars and kings with equal ease and genuine affection.
(super-duper true)

#Aries don’t mean to be offensive; it just happens that way sometimes.

No matter how tame an #Aries may seem at first, there’s a bit of the brawler and street-fighter in every one.
( beg your pardon…hhmm, well ok…lol)

An #Aries woman is very assertive and because of this needs a “real man”.
(see; told you)

Let an #Aries know that you love their zest for life and that you find them intriguing.
(yep we like this word…lol)

#Aries always know what they’re doing. They’ve all got a game plan.
(always… you got have a plan)

#Aries Opposites You’re Attracted To: Libra, Scorpio

#Aries don’t care if they fit in or not, they just like to be themselves.
(100%…take it or leave it…makes me difference to me)

BUT this has to be my favourite – 

#Aries are in incredibly fast at getting angry. Please don’t get them started. Just stop talking before shit goes down.

So that’s my little homage to the beginning of Arian Season (March 21-April 19th)…

What’s your sign and do you fit the ‘stereo type’ of it like a glove?? I know Doris is a pretty perfect Scorpio, my Mom is a very fitting example of a Taurus, Jill, I believe, is a Gemini and although you are supposed to get along with one side more than the other – I treasure both sides of her 🙂

Thanks for checking in,

Big HUGS, Carole