As of March 1st 2014… currently I am…

NYPD RedReading – NYPD Red; James Patterson… not great, alil disappointing… need a new D. Balducci but have already ready his 2 latest. Also revisiting Daring Greatly by Brene Brown before the class starts this month; and an old book from Doris

Listening to  – Country Hits 2014- couple great songs  – like Highway Don’t Care and Hey, Pretty Girl …over and over with the rest being just OK; my favourite podcasts i.e. Paperclipping, Daily Digi and Candid Photographer

Watching  – well, its 3am so I am watching my PVRd shows – right now, the new Survivor series

Feeling – super excited about the month’s plans, thrilled to be turning 46, alil bit of (good) apprehension about a recent bump in the road, forever hopeful and always so very GRATEFUL

Eating – Banana Protein Shake…great for a quick meal

Thinking – about tonight’s dinner…should I have cleaned up more… and/or prepped more…hhmm, and my 3 days off and everything I will get to complete …but also that today will be fun at work… i hope! Yesterday was a touch blah for me …but drama all round…

BrushScript SamplesStarting – to go thru the Brush Script class that I was supposes to start Feb 1st… which just didn’t happen (too busy). Excited to try this technique on Sunday  – it’s a HUGE trend right now in paper crafting as well as home decor

Finishing  – my 2013 digi-life album… maybe if i get another photo album I will feel more inspired… right now, not so much…so it may sit incomplete a wee bit longer

Tweeting – about our Gold medals last week and the VBOT events this week… Thursday nights event was amazing!! Not so much tweeting this week…

Wearing – my new navy blue nightie… it was supposed to be saved for Italy, but it’s so soft and was freshly washed so… well, it was somewhat inevitable…

Excited about – Dina Wakely’s Art Journalling class in June; I originally thought it would conflict with the bear safari BUT it’s actually on the day I get home… see the universe taking care of me yet again!! (she never ceases to amaze me)

What’s currently going on with you

Thanks tons for checking in,
Big hugs, Carole