(first off, I know my January recap hasn’t been posted yet… but it was one of the best ever and jam packed…so I am still working on it)

Not gonna lie – February has been AWESOME!! Filled with fun, friends, new experiences, loads of possibilities and super excited to be finally getting a grasp of working so much at the store while trying to keep my own world turning smoothly… or smoothly-ish!! I may almost have it down to a system… and we know how I like my systems 🙂

StormyPtRobertsI found myself at the beginning of the month, trapped in Pt Roberts for 1.5hrs forced to kill time… after becoming irritated with this interruption to my schedule… i realized it was a gorgeous day, and I had my camera with me so quickly changed my attitude and really enjoyed my afternoon creating my own little photo-walk.

PaintTexturePtRoberts is pretty rustic so I decided to go on a hunt for TEXTURE… I found a ton of rust and peeling paint samples once I left the beach and I ended up being down there for 3 hrs… ridiculously fabulous spontaneous fun all by myself!!!

RustTextureGot a bunch of different rusts… this one is a touch dark but will still play with it.

PaintNite VancouverThen the next week, D and I checked out one of the PaintNite’s held in a local pub… it was a ton of fun. The instructor Steph was super bubbly…and not in the annoying way… just lots of energy and passion for her craft. D splurged on some amazing wine that we both agreed went down way too quickly so we didn’t pay a ton of attn on the painting and it was pretty dark in room so painting and colour matching was really difficult.

The floral above was my creation from the night and here we are full way thru having fun… shocker, I know!!

PaintNiteVancouverThen I had the joy of FINALLY visiting a practice session with her band. They have her singing heavier (metal) stuff than what usually shows off her vocals but as suspected she was incredible even at that… plus it’s all original tunes. She amazed me.

Then of course, there was Valentine’s Week, knowing that I was working a full one at the store, I didn’t advertise the season at all but still had a few great sweet and loving orders…. even from the icky guy that sent 3 of the same gifts to 3 different women all signed “from your special Valentine” ….yuck!! Oh well, I try not to judge… OH LORD who are we kidding, you KNOW I was totally judging!!!
It also ended up being a really perfect day for me personally… which was a pleasant surprise since my initial plans were all cancelled; but I couldn’t have been tickled or happier with the end result 🙂

WineTastingAt the beginning of this week, we attended a Rodney Strong Winemaker Dinner at Luke’s on GranvilleSt. I hoped it was gonna be good but it was off the chart AWESOME!! the wine was RIDICULOUSLY fabulous… and the pairings were spot on… well done Chef Jessie. We will definitely be back!! And the rep from Marc Anthony was actually monitoring social media thru the evening’s event and awarded us that gorgeous photo coffee table book of the Sonoma Valley where RS Vineyards is located, because of the tweeting we were doing during the courses (some of the pics above were some I posted in my tweets.) Can you say ROAD TRIP!??! I love that stuff like that always happens to us.

ConferenceGiftsFor the rest of this week, I had to have my head down and spent 3 solid days at the office to complete my large conference order which I was blessed to receive again this year.
(Plus had to facilitate at the Board’s Roundtable again this month… so that  was a blast as always… got some really sweet comments after too, which is always so kind)

So yes, I know there is still a week left in February but must say, this month ROCKED… and will be hard to beat… but guess what, MARCH is next month and since we ALL know it is officially the best month is the whole friggin year and always promises to be filled with nothing less than pure bliss… I can’t friggin wait to bring it on!!!!! Wait til u hear all about it… you will die, I tell ya… just die with all the unique and wonderful crap going on!!! lol

Thx tons for checking in on me and my lil life, hope your February rocked too!!
Tons and tons of Hugs and Kisses,