2014I love the reset of a new year… I love the potential, and the possibility of what only a New Year can bring.
After the craze of the holiday season is behind me and the first couple weeks into January are done and normalcy kicks in, I finally have time to breathe and to focus on this reset and potential of the next 12 mos.

January is when my hopes, plans, dreams and aspirations are on full display and at full throttle; I love the feeling and energy created this month. And naturally that leads my thoughts to resolutions… no technically, I don’t make official ones but I do like to reconfigure my current goals and plans. And if you know me at all, you know I have goals, plans, hopes or just ideas around every friggin subject on the planet. 

I like to take some time to look back at what worked and what didn’t last yr… and oddly, alot of that had to do with work. ( I know I know… along with men, boyfriends, Xboyfriends, etc, WORK is never something I like to discuss on my blog BUT…) my company felt it this year… felt the recession, felt 8yrs of no marketing, and felt my complacency… we had a small decrease last year; the first time in a couple decades…so obviously THAT grabbed my attn and needs to maintain my focus for awhile.
Sadly the first quarter of 2014 has most of my time consumed by my usual part-time job… still not sure if it was the best laid plan but really going to try and make it work for 12 weeks. Then in May2014, PersCreat.will have ALL of my attn and I will hopefully have a master plan in place to let it grow in new directions, and with loads of new ideas.

Here are a couple other goals I am working on ….more travel and adventures!! No brainer right… well, as of right now I am planning a Wine and Cooking Adventure in Tuscany, a photographic Grizzly Bear safari, and a trip down to Napa and San Fran with Mom in May, hopefully. Fingers crossed all come into fruition…

I would LOVE to spend some significant time practicing with my camera. I truly don’t love anything more than capturing little moments in my world and would give ANYTHING to be really skilled at it. Signed up in December for a couple courses but both are already irritating me for different reasons so I don’t see any skill building coming from them…uuggh.

AND of course the BIG permanent fixture on ALL my goal lists is weight loss – – uuggh, how can one chick who generally has her crap together not figure out how to lose weight… well, not that I can’t figure it out…eat less, move more…blah blah… but I really genuinely LOVE food. I love food with family, friends, on my own, in my car… so perhaps I need to discover something else I enjoy as much and will keep my attn off my next meal.

This week, I am working on specific, attainable, accountable goals by annual quarters… and again if you know, you know that I will have to have a reward system in place to make it all worthwhile for me at the end of each quarter.

Also I choose One Word every year to focus on… One little Word that could have multiple meanings or one with crystal clear purpose. This years is LIGHT… working with light for photography, packing light for travel, reducing pressure on my schedule and keeping it light, and again, obviously being lighter on the scale would be fabulous too.

well, that is my direction and plan for 2014 in a nutshell; what do you want to accomplish this year, any wild dreams you want to work on or perhaps just a little something you want to focus on, let me know because I would LOVE to help in anyway I can, support you or even just be here for the accountability.
Each New Year gives everyone the chance for renewal  – hopefully this one works out perfectly for you!!

Recap2013Here’s a fun recap from 2013.


Lots of love, and thanks for checking in,