WineBeforePaintingWhile I LOVE my time at MAB in North Vancouver, it’s a real joy … I also really enjoy Raw in Yaletown mainly because we can indulge in a couple tasting plates and a few glasses of wine before we try to get creative…. brilliant business plan 🙂 Painting in front of other people isn’t overly comfortable unless you have some alcohol softener in your system…then you don’t care and feel very comfortable walking around saying “look at my masterpiece…yahoo” (well, not literally thk god, but almost)

Sadly I wasn’t 100% on this particular night as I had spend the 2 previous days with a 9 week old puppy that had a propensity to enjoy night time potty breaks. (but more on her on another posts) …so being exhausted impeded my wine desire…sssoo sad.

TastingPlateBut we still ate and I even tried a weird terrine that D ordered and it wasn’t bad then headed down to paint …

We got changed into our ultra sexy smocks and choose our canvas sizes. Mine was a stnd square and D choose a long rectangle.

African SplatterI had seen an image on Etsy that I tried to replicate… it didn’t work at all, but was fun trying.
It was so typically me… see something that a skilled artisan spent time creating and I feel that after a lrg glass of wine, 4 hours sleep for the last 48hours and NO SKILL at all… duh, I could do that!!!
Doris, on the other hand created on amazing heavily textured and colourfully layered vivid piece that was gorgeous.


Thanks for checking in, and your lack of criticism…lol