Dee and I spent one night making our own truffles and learning all about the origins of chocolate and chocolates as we know it today… fascinating.

TruffleHands(photos aren’t great… aahhh amateurs…hahahaha)

Our hands were way too dirty to hold our cameras so we relied on others. We molded the truffles ourselves then added a variety of topping which included things like cocoa-nibs, strawberry shavings, pure chocolate sprinklers ( the real thing), sea salt, cool printed transfers and more.


TruffleToppingsKeeping the tempering of the chocolate was abit of a chore while dipping and decorating the truffles but thk goodness Doris was exceptional at that part.

Here’s a quick shoot of my handmade treasures … we were even given a pretty silver gift for them. Another delicious adventure.


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