….but far from my worst either.

Favourite EmployeeLast month, I decided to help J make some bucks for his new joy of Skylander Giants and teach him about working hard for a paycheck.

Initially he was very excited about getting the $50 ToysRUs gift card for working at my office for abit… until he started working. We had a couple great teachable moments discussing the value of hard work, the exchange of money for energy expelled at a job and the fact that you can stop anytime you want to play but then you don’t get paid.


(and yes, I have already been corrected (by my ENTIRE family, that giving a 6yr old $50 for 45mins of work is NOT the norm or encouraged at all but its the only gift card I had in my wallet … and since then he has mentioned that he is OK to come work at the office for only $20) LOL…

After making a few fusses about moving ALL the boxes to the recycling box, and re-wrapping ALL the bolts of ribbon, and how boring it all is, he soon realized the power of a pay cheque once he started creating a mental shopping list of the Skylanders he could buy.

He was thrilled in ToysRUs when he picked up a couple packages and he figured out he could afford ALL of them.

Fun for all, thanks for checking in,