David New-Small Preps GlassAnother adventure in creativity recently. Jill and I headed down to Granville Island to the New-Small Studio to learn how to design with glass. Well, technically alot of the design process was prepped for us… and the only choice left to us was the colour scheme as it was in the plan to create a lovely solid glass flower. We were thrilled to participate.

Sexy New OutfitFirst things first, we had to get into gear… insanely heavy and thick leather apron, amazingly stylish eye protection, wrist to elbow arm guards as well as the infamous Ove Glove.

Using the SpatulaThe first thing we must do is squish down the thick rod of molten glass with the spatula and then begin to pull it apart slowly and start to form petals.

Petal formingYou then have to switch to the tongs and really start to create the petals as Dave rotates the bar. You have to move quickly of course because it’s GLASS, so starts it harden really quickly. Also you have to stick your tongs in water regularly because they get really hot and stick to the glass.

Final FormingYou’d never guess that that orange and red blob would slowly turn into this black and white treasure (naturally the colours I choose) . And look at that gorgeous colour and form starting.

Jill's Flower FormingThis one is Jill’s stunning orange and red blob that turned into a green and yellow flower…(that sadly, got mixed up with someone else’s so we haven’t actually seen her final one. I am working with the studio to correct this but haven’t heard anything back yet).

Jill Finishing UpHere Jill was finalizing her flower with Dave as he helps to start creating the stem before the end is cut off with only water.

It was a quick workshop but as with all of the new things we try or adventure we partake on, we had a lot of fun.
Loved our lil chit chat beforehand too and not just cuz Jilly bought me an INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookie at a bakery!! MMMmmmm pretty perfect night all round!

Thanks for checking in,