InkyFingersEarlier this summer, I had the AMAZING opportunity to spend the weekend with a woman I admire DEEPLY and got to spent the whole time with messy fingers while learning a ton about Art Journalling.

Now as you know,  I have met a far amount of celebrities – without much fanfare, concern or effect -through work BUT on the days counting down to this weekend; I was literally vibrating with excitement.

Dina Wakley is an international instructor (online and in-person), world-renowned designer of stencils/templates and masks as well as an author of a super popular industry book on Art Journalling techniques and Colour Theory.

GoofyDinaAnd she was as ridiculously FABULOUS as I had hoped. She was warm and friendly, witty and quick, INSANELY TALENTED, generous and kind, brilliant and happy to share all that she is with each and everyone of her students. SHE WAS A TREAT and I was as crazy about her from the second I walked in the door to the last minute of the 3rd day when I packed up the car to head home.

She did a great job explaining each technique and why you would do this vs THAT… and yep, some things I choose to ignore and learn myself so we have some bad oopsie pages but it was ALL still fun. Dina’s love of vibrant colours wasn’t the easiest for this neutral,  taupe and brown lovin’ girl.

DinaClassImagesHere’s just a small sampling of her mists, templates/masks, one of our Silhouette layouts and the start of one of my Oopsie pages.

DinasTableThis is Dina’s table of stencils, stamps and masks… she doesn’t clean them after each use… yep, was freaking me out but her casual and easy going attitude was infectious but YES, as assumed, I still had to clean my off each time 🙂 I am nothing if not, predictable 🙂

Thx tons for checking,