FinnabairI am really loving Mixed Media Art because I truly believe that if you checked with good ole Mr.Webster and his dictionary, he would say that by definition ‘Mixed Media’ means throw anything and everything on a canvas and call it done!! Therefore you can do no wrong… right!!??! What’s not to love?!?

So when I had the opportunity to take a workshop from another Internationally Infamous Mixed Media Instructor, Prima Marketing Teacher and Scrapbook Product Designer from Poland, Anna Dabrowski or better known online as Finnabair, I naturally was all over it. From the sample above, you can see why she is the master.

Finnabair CanvasIt was an interesting process although I felt like I was winging it mostly and picking my nose bored the rest of it,  Anna was out of the room mostly as well as being plagued by questions from the lady beside me the ENTIRE time, the class was just OK for me!!
My photo is that fun one from my birthday surprise with Linda and that silly balloon filled with confetti.

All the products used were provided by the store and Prima. They are mostly from Anna’s new line released at the latest CHA Show…  quite a privilege to play with.
There wasn’t much direction, so didn’t really learn anything but there were a few interesting tips on new products.

So all in all, it was just OK… did I have the same ‘aahh inspiring, rock my world’ experience that I had with Dina Wakely last month…nope, not even alittle… but it was FINE… would I do another one of her classes…nope, not even a freebie… but I now have a canvas that is fun to hang, had a decent experience playing with new product and got to spend a day creating… it’s all about where you focus, right??!! So THAT is my focus!!

Thanks again for stopping by,