Jill and I went to a MixedMedia class last weekend and had a great time.

We were given complete free range… when asked what we should bring, Monika simply stated “Just your imagination”…she provided tons of supplies, the canvases, paint, old magazines for collaging and endless amounts of her help, suggestions and patient silence.

JillMixedMediaJill, of course, has an amazing EYE and can see whats NOT there and its potential. A magazine image of birch trees spoke to her right away and she simply went from there… there is a large amount of pink tissue paper in the middle of her design…can you see where…nope, me either and that’s just a sample of her talents.

The dimension she created was amazing. I love it!!!

Oh and YES that is a glass of wine in the background… friggin brilliant add-on to ANY art class!!! Thought I loved this studio earlier this year, but give me a glass of wine while teaching me to paint and we have reached a new level of LOVE!!

JillMixedMediaClose-upHere is the close up to the wire corner she create to capture her quote and focal corner… gorgeous!

With mine… I, of course, had to be more obvious. Oh look, a lady with a flowing dress on… hhmm, let me cover her skirt with rocks, tiles, cork, chicken wire strips, feathers and leather. So TONS OF FRIGGIN fun was had by all!! Once again, I AfricanGoddessReSizedwas totally engrossed in what I was doing and time FLEW by!! There was also another couple there… but you know me, although they were nice… I don’t remember their names or even what they created …oops!!

I am delighted with My African Goddess. I added flowing curls to her head and plan to write in a quote (on Africa, dreams or goals) at the bottom of her skirt to complete it… not sure which yet) and fun gold satin rosette made my Monika

Then instead of heading back into the craze of Friday night traffic to downtown, we stayed on the NorthShore for a bite to eat and more wine. (new restaurant for us…Rockford Wok on Marine Dr…fun menu)

Empty PlatesNo, no we weren’t hungry at all…

thanks so much for checking in,

Smiles, Carole