That's how I rollDuring J’s graduation ceremony from preschool last year, I found it incredibly frustrating that we were sitting so far from the stage and the brutal gymnasium lighing so I couldn’t get an decent shots of my nephew… and he was all dressed up and looked adorable.

So i took matters into my own hands and left my seat… while the ceremony was going on… walked up to the side of the stage where there was a large balloon bouquet, wiggled my way in-between the balloons and the edge of the stage and started to take pictures …then of course, since I wasn’t fully happy at this point either; I proceed to whisper-yell “Jay” “Jay”…”Julian” but sadly my nephew didn’t think to look in the balloon bouquet for this mystery voice so I never did catch his eye… but still it was a fun adventure trying to get the best possible shot of my favourite pre-schooler!!

Yep that’s how I roll!!! I only wished E or C thought to get a photo of me for evidence bit now that I think of it, they were probably too embarrassed of my behavior to get any pics. 🙂

This was a fun layout and the majority of it was from an old Sassafrass kit…. the left-overs from the Silly Monster layout done a couple yrs ago, I misted thru one of Rhonna’s camera templates onto the background, I wrapped alil camera washi tape around a generic big brad, an epoxy button on top of a piece of vintage dictionary as well as a graduation card gift card holder. 

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