Get Out AliveSo much has happened since my last post incl the rest of my bday celebrations, Hawaii, Mom’s visit, Victoria stay, Jay’s bday, amazing ARTSY weekend and more and I may post some highlights and then again may not… depends on whether or not time and desire allow 🙂

But this AM I woke up super early (3am…no friggin reason why) and no need to get to the office til 9am so blogging here I am.

Had an unexpected change of plans last night and met a friend on the patio at the Boathouse for beverages and nibbles and it was sunny but not too hot… effin’ perfect, actually.

We got to chatting about summer guilty pleasures … of course everyone in Vancouver would probably choose ‘patio-ing’ as No1… yep, we have made a VERB of the word, but it truly is one of my most favourite things to do in the early evening BUT>> then I had to confess some of my others last night and you gotta know that TV is on my list.

Ninja WarriorI love bad summer TV… well, some of it (not ALL because some is really friggin brutal) but No 1 has to be Big Brother and although I used to be embarrassed to admit it; now I say it proudly… because as mentioned previously, there is worse out there… a lot worse….lol

Besides BB, I am crazy about the survival or fitness shows like Get out Alive and American Ninja Warrior – – I don’t need to tell you why – – you know that I am convinced I could do them both or either of them if I really really wanted to 🙂 teeheehee… just a touch of delusion

Things are pretty quiet at the office during the summer so I get ALOT of TV time in and makes it easy to catch up on all my evening shows I record and PVR on my little office TV.

Sangria IncognitoAnd since I will NOT be doing either show for awhile, let’s discuss our favourite summer treats… No1 has to be Sangria…. WOW I LOVE this beverage and D and I have recently discovered the fun of putting it in ‘Bucks cups so no one knows where all ‘the happy’ is coming from. But speaking of Starbucks, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention my ‘hot weather afternoon treat’ …Cool Lime Refreshers, so yummy and with that extra green coffee extract, it has gives me an extra little push thru the afternoon.

Those are just a couple of my GPs for this season, but what are yours?? What do you love doing during summer that you can’t do any other time of the year??

Big hugs and thx tons for checking in,