Instragram Pastaduh, yes I know the rest of the planet was able to start playing with it over a year ago but my beloved BlackBerry App World just doesn’t play well with a lot of APPS and truthfully it never bothered before (or since) INSTAGRAM!!
I knew as soon as I heard about it and then started seeing people’s posts on it, that I really really wanted it … I wanted to play, to edit my photos uses those filters and to post some fun shots like ones of my yummy pasta last month.

I was over the moon when a friend showed me how use the ‘work around’ through Blackberry and I couldn’t have been happier … I am loving it as much as I knew I would. Sadly there are still some parts of the app I can’t figure out but have been thrilled with every part I can get to work.

THEN last week I designed and ordered a super fun cushion with some of my favourite Spring 2013 Instagram pics for my scrap room chair.


I LOVE it and can’t wait for it to arrive

thx for checking in, Carole

(PS my instagram name is carolemacf, let me know what yours is…)