My Room-mateWOW …I am overwhelmed with gratitude for living alone… truth be told,  I LOVE it… the freedom, the ease of it and the comfort of knowing everything is where I left it, and I don’t have to explain why I left my breakfast plate in the living room to anyone, or deal with anyone else’s ca-ca,  etc… and tonight was a huge shiny example of why.
I had a ‘trying’ day at work (which technically, it wasn’t very difficult but when each day is usually a breeze… any tension is noticeable), but today I came home, had a hot bath to release that tension,  then made an amazing dinner of szechuan stirfry with beef and brocoli, a HUGE glass of an amazing CHARD (a gift from a friend) and a couple of hours of ridiculously good TV that I PVRd from last week. HEAVEN, I say … simply HEAVEN. So now all is right again with my world.
(but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention my adorable room-mate, Cullen… thk goodness, he has no input on ANYTHING)

BUT I am not above apologizing to YOU when I have an OOPSIE!! Yep, I messed up. I set a bunch of blog posts to be published on a specific schedules but sadly that didn’t work and they all posted on the same day. Rookie blogger mistake… and now I noticed it has happened with this last batch as well.
So pls accept my apologies, I am trying to stay regular on a schedule but I am still working out the bumps.

Thx for understanding,