RisottoBall The hardest part of this ‘try something new every week’ is the food part. I have NEVER been good with trying new foods… so this was a big week for me.

I went to a Board of Trade reception this week after attending a ‘Trade Only event’ for Landmark wines to help launch this years WineFest ft. California wines. Yummy Calif chard is one of my favs… so I was a happy camper ‘trying new things’…teeheehee and was in prime happy form by the time I got to the board. Thank goodness Tracy was there to pal with. She had a friend in town so we decided to pop across the street for a late dinner and more wine.

This is where Tracy suggested trying some Risotto Balls… I had no interest in them AT ALL>>> but I will give it a try, I said. I most admit… I was fairly well toasted by this point.
It was very blah, smothered in tomato sauce so that was all I could taste but the texture was weird.

Then on the weekend, Jill, Shelley and I finally had a chance to get together for a fun night of wine, food and laughter… just perfect!! I was also delighted that Shelley suggested ordering- in dinner… phew!! or so I thought… She suggested a Thai restaurant that sadly didn’t have a thing I was interested in on their menu… and because I had already done my ‘new thing’ this week, I didn’t feel compelled to stretch myself needlessly 🙂 So i went with Beef and Brocoli and steamed rice or so I thought… then Shelley suggested dessert from one of her gluten, dairy, sugar-free recipes. I am not gonna lie… I was concerned. She quickly mentioned that it would be exactly like the Girl Guides Chocolate Thin Mints  cookies. And guess what… she was right!!!! They were awesome.

Thx tons for checking in and joining me on my lil journey this yr,