The Thai HouseWell I have been keeping up with my new things… on this day Doris and I went to the north shore for massages and lunches. She suggested the Thai House… immediately I suggested something else because I have never been a fan as they don’t have anything on the menu I like but since I am trying new things I thought we should give it a go. When I used to go to the Thai House with Todd I would order the beef and broccoli which they always made up for me as a special order, but on this occasion I tried something RIGHT ON THE menu. I had Pad See-Iw…. WHAT?? I know… but honestly it was simply stir fried noodles, chicken (which was super dry) and a sauce that wasn’t overly flavourful; and thank goodness wasnt one of their curries… so all in all a rating of ‘not terrible’.

CritterDayThen this last week was very fun with spending Valentine’s during the day with Doris and her nature club. Doris chairs the group at Katie’s school and arranges events, speakers and topics to educate and enlighten its enthusiastic members of over 100 students aging from 5-10… they are learning an appreciation of their natural environment and wildlife. This was a special day because Mike the Critter Guy came with a few of his little friends and i was SO EXCITED, also as much as the kids.

This young lady was one of my favourites… she volunteered to be draped with this corn snake but at the same time she didn’t move an inch. She was so cute – but cuteness was definitely NOT in short supply.

Alil PoserThis lil dude was abit of a poser with his snake – he had the best expressions and was a real HAM!!

Mike was great with the kids – number one concerns was their and the animals safety as well as having tons of teaching moments every time he revealed a new critters which included this snake, a guinea pig, a lizard, a spider and frog and turtle that he didn’t have time to show.

I was constantly amazed how much the kids knew… like that reptiles are cold blooded, are herbivores, have a backbone or spine like us and lay eggs for babies… that spiders are in the insect family, have 8 legs and have their skeleton on the outside. They were incredible!!

Cutest CritterOf course the award for the cutest of the day must go to the adorable Katie!! She is such a beauty… look at that smile!

It was a great way to spend this day filled with LOVE and JOY!!

What new things have you tried lately??

Thx for checking in,