Annual Snow Geese VistSo I was riding high from my hawk photos from the other week, and decided to seek out a group of Snow Geese to attempt to get some decent pics before they leave town again.

They are quite skittish compared to regular Cdn geese that genuinely seem to embrace company. They always think you have something to feed them with so Cdn geese with actually come up to you. However approaching Snow Geese, you must be quiet, move slowly and actually pretend you don’t notice them… you know, you need to play hard to get.

They visit every year on their trek back from Greenland and Alaska all the way down thru BC, California and Mexico and every January/February, they make Richmond/Vancouver their home and make a heck of a mess of our fields and school yards 🙂

poopI came across a huge group of the geese and slowly pulled off to the side of the road and quietly got out of my car. I then casually, slowly and nonchalantly walked towards them… I got a couple great pics and was quite excited about how it was going THEN>>> for no friggin reason at all… no car driving, no random dogs running thru the field … NOTHING….

but all of a sudden the entire gaggle took off… and I got pummeled with goose crap… not once or twice but I LITERALLY got crapped all over.

It felt like I was being shot at or was caught in a hail storm… bang bang bang… my head and jacket got it the worse… my instinct was to instantly cover my camera to protect it leaving my body 100% exposed so I just stood in the middle of this field laughing hysterically.

then they were gone...So I got back to the car, peeled off my jacket and then before getting in I had to get a quick pic of this one ‘plopper’ on my leg before going home in the middle of the day for a shower… however for the rest of the day and honestly, for the next week; I would giggle to myself every time I thought about the day I got crapped on.

(…could’ve done without THAT new thing)

Always Smiling,