WOW this was a BIGGIE for me… without any plans or reasons, I was scheduled the weekend off from work!! I honestly don’t remember the last time that happened… and after much debate of whether i should go away for the 2 days for some luxury R&R, go out each night for some decadent dinner for Dine Out Vancouver or simply stay home and stay mellow…the later was the most appealing to me by far!! No expectations on my time, demands on my energy, etc…

I was able to watch about 6 movies, start drinking my favourite red wine at 3pm on Friday with some decadent Humboldt Fog and a friend and then stay in my sweat pants or PJs for 2 full days. It was PERFECTION and ended up getting a bunch of lil jobs done that have been waiting years… without exaggeration!!

New Abstract Art for HomeStarted this week, refreshed at work and fun night out with friends Monday night, Tuesday brought on another Acrylics painting class which again was tons of fun… there is lil to no instruction but I am really enjoying just having some dedicated time for my new-found joy with paint. I never have any idea what I gonna do when I arrive although the others in the class come with painted masterpieces or images from magazines and art books but I just arrive with my Starbucks and a ton of excitement to express for the next 2hrs.

That was what I came up with this week…

Skating Jan13Then tonight I had the pleasure of watching my nephew at his ice-skating lesson and got a few pics…sadly our viewing seats were behind those awful plexiglass panels that put a fog over most my pics but here are a couple cute ones.

He is really getting pretty good and gaining alot of confidence – the ice stills wins a majority of the time but it was fun to watch him try really hard and most importantly, getting up every time he fell without any help. Good job, J!

Thx for checking in,