Right now 2013Art Journalling has been infiltrating the scrapbook industry for awhile now and it has potential to be AWESOME in my mind!!! No rules… tons of different mediums and everything and anything is  considered OK!! There doesn’t seem to be any right or wrong way to do it – perfect for me since I get really caught up on doing things properly and then frozen by the ‘need for perfection’… which is totally unattainable so I do nothing or spend to.o much time trying. But this new creative outlet doesn’t seem to come with all those feelings… Also I think it will be a great way to express my current emotion or head space through art.
At the Daily Digi today there is a great article on how people are finding great success in using Art or Visual Journaling to help work out current feelings, issues, dilemmas etc… and while traditionally it is done with paint, mixed media, papers etc, they challenged us to create something digitally and I thought, I will give it a try.
It was suggested to do a page on gratitude however I am working on a journal on ‘my 2013’ and what’s coming… so I decided to do a page on my current state of mind and priorities.
I used a bunch of pieces from Sissy Sparrows at One Story Down and of course, a few of Anna’s brushes from Art Play Palettes Wild, Globe Trotters and Travel Africa.

I really enjoyed it – first page I have done in ages that was fun and free flowing. Really had fun,