AhhhSunday- Blending ClassWe know I have the worst case of “dropping out”. I truly have the best laid plans for each class, workshop and seminar I sign up for…however I SUCK at following through…well, not this year BABY!! It was killing me to look at all the money spent on classes and realize how little I got out of the majority of them because I rarely even opened a lesson and never ever actually finished an assignment past the first 2 or 3 – just pitiful!

So at the firs tof hte month, I promised myself that I wouldn’t sign up for any new classes or workshops and would however spend a serious amount of time on some old old classes, I already ‘own’. But good thing I enrolled in one at Creative Passion Classes in November before I made my new plan because I am so happy to be taking it. I am genuinely learning new things, or new ways of looking at old things… very fun.

It’s with the talented Jana Morton who is sharing her blending talents with us and here is this week’s layout. I am having fun playing but definitely have loads of room to grow. I am really enjoying it so really really hope I can keep at it and don’t get too bogged down at work.