So as mentioned in this post Mt Kenya was really magical  – I spent some great time on my balcony overlooking the watering hole but the guided nature walk was incredible – the guide was incredibly patient with my 6million questions… but everything from the animals to the interesting plants/flowers opened a floodgate of other questions. Very cool…

we needed an armed guard (see the big gun) to come with us because you never know what you may come across with the most scary and unpredictable being a bachelor cape buffalo. It’s very common in the animal kingdom for the males to be kicked out of a group or family once they reach a certain age… the breeding age, usually. They are meant to go start their own family and this is usually accomplished by battling the dominant male in another family grouping… if he defeats that male the women will automatically follow him bringing their babies with them, leaving the other male to fester and brude ALONE…which means his bad temperament gets worse the longer he is on his own and he will now pick a fight with anyone and anything in his path. Of course, with my luck, the guard mentioned there were 2 males in the area recently defeated and VERY ANGRY! …luckily we never crossed their paths…

This was the stunning outfit I had to wear for the walk; the rain boots were needed because the forest floor is covered in Safari Ants, stingy nettles, and more…. the African jungle can be a dangerous place… but this coat reeked of BO’d and the only danger I was concerned about was puking around every tree.

After about 1.5hrs  we rounded a corner, and were surprised to come upon a clearing and a waiter with tea and coffee with ‘brown milk’ …whiskey if we choose… and cakes and cookies in the middle of jungle. It was a yummy.

The guard says it’s always a test for the waiter that comes to set up for us – sometimes the vervet monkeys follow him from the lodge then a couple will grab some cups to take off with while another couple grab the box of treats… they are well-organized and brilliant thieves, he didn’t find it as adorable as I did.

this is the strangled fig tree… the vines grow AROUND the host tree from the top down then strangle it; killing it from the outside in… see, even the trees are scary in Africa

This is how I spent most of the day and night while there –

always on my balcony…

This is the underground viewing area…sorry its so dark, but there is no electricity. They have dug this underground tunnel so you come out at ground level with the animals at the watering hole. these windows aren’t windows with glass – they are just openings with bars so animals can’t come in. But there was a mongoose with his head in the opening when I came down one night and it hissed at me so that was the last time I went down there late at night 🙂

this poster was on the wall describing the animals when you look thru the opening… cool, a bunch I can’t pronounce and had never heard of

this was a wonderful adventure with a special and ever-changing ’round the clock’ view – – once again  magical (these were waterbucks)

there is a stoop for the genet cats at night and the mariboo storks during the day – it was right in fron tof my balcony

Thx for checking in, Carole