My boys –

(just click on anything to see them in more detail) As mentioned earlier, we came across the brothers in Samburu – they were a hoot…young and still learning their way but trying really really hard to hunt and be big boys.

They are the most beautiful creatures – their spots and tear stained faces are precious.

It was most incredible watching them give chase… twice they took off after warthogs and holy crap can they move…if it wasn’t for all the dust kicked up from their running, we would’ve lost them a few times.

It was times like this that I really wanted a better zoom lens… the images of them with the backdrop of these fallen branches etc would have been amazing… all I could see was these photos all over my condo because the colour shceme is PERFECT!!!

Look at those eyes

They played in these branches for awhile…scratched at them just as any domestic cat would a carpeted post.


Then just rolled around and relaxed…

BUT always on alert to anything and everything on the move

Love it when they pose for you…

Thx tons for checking in again on the photo updates,