So as mentioned in a previous post – I walked into my tent and this is what I can see from my balcony/patio… just breathtaking…

See the teeny tiny electric fence… seriously

That afternoon I went on my first game drive of the trip and saw some really gorgeous and brand NEW wildlife to me. But I was always happy to see the regular and basics like this cheetah… you know, just a regular African sight 🙂

This is a DickDick – it’s the tiniest of the Gazelle family. You usually see them in pairs – they mate for life and if one of them dies, the other commits suicide…really sad but very sweet

We came across a precious lioness and her family that night too – so stayed and hung out with them for awhile. When you are around wildlife like this, you snap pictures like crazy, in my case, still not confident in my ability…I just always hope and pray that you get SOMETHING … I am always thrilled when you can grabbed a REAL expression.

He is one of her babies – he was a toddler and was a riot. He would pounce on his siblings… then when a herd of zebras went by, he would stand out front of all the others and let out the cutest and most pitiful growl and attempt at a roar – you have ever heard. Looked like he was attempting to protect everyone – so friggin cute!

Then found that amazing group of baboons…this guy was just hanging out…clearly. I really fell in love with the baboons on this trip – they had such personality and were a ton of fun to watch.

Sadly my videos didn’t seem to work – really pissed at that – -but I will keep trying to figure it out.

Thx for checking out the pics and sharing the trip with me,