Resident WartHog Family

As mentioned previously, I had a great stay at Giraffe Manor and the David Shedrick Elephant Orphanage and my first couple days in Nairobi.

At the Manor, with the Rothschild Giraffes they are working to be rehabilitate, they are also a lrg group of warthogs. (see… we were bonding during the day – so I am not sure why he rammed he later on as I posted before)

My new BFFs

Mind you, who the heck knew if that is even the same hog – lol

These are the pics another guest got while I was shmoozing with my hot date that night… he thought it was hilarious, til HE turned on me…typical date, you know.

The next morning it was all about the magical breakfast at Giraffe Manor – experience you will never forget. The company during breakfast is magical… Lynn from the last trip is still there and doing really well and is still “Leading Lady”… everyone else follows her path. It’s great to see.

Breakfast Friend

This is Ibraham is the newest baby (he tried to steal the flowers on my table)

lil thief

This lil treasure was a treat to get to know at the Orphanage… her story like ALL of them is really sad but she is doing well and we had a great time getting to know each other.

Baby Elephant

We really had fun – – while that whacko lady was chatting with all the others ellies and the other people were more focused on the tiny babies… I spent some great one on one with this sweetie. (she was really photogenic too, don’t ya think)

This was my sight as I approached the tents in Samburu – -I asked the valet to wait so I could grab this pic…he kinda of laughed because THIS is my tent so clearly I would have a great view of this herd  – BUT I didn’t know. lol Tomorrow I will post a few pics from Samburu – –