While parts of East Africa have been experiencing awful draughts, other parts are having intense amts of rain… so much so it has changed the landscape for the past 2 yrs.

On my last visit, this was the lake that when seen from satellite you thought the water was pink because just about the entire thing was covered with flamingoes… I have pics – there was hundreds and hundreds of them …also we could walk right up to the waters edges. Also enjoying the banks of the lake were tons of rhinos both white and black as well as buffalo… not so much any more.

Due to all the rain in the last 2 yrs the lake has expanded so wide that it has flooded out roads and all pathways – and unfortunately because the pelicans and flamingoes like to eat the algae that would grow in this particular lake they have ‘just about’ all left because the water is too deep for the algae to grow  – so no dinner means no birds.

No easy access to the actual roadways meant we were really far from the rhinos and buffalos – the new access roads along the outside of the park were not set up for wildlife viewing… it was disappointing but so glad I saw it before it all its splendor but this time I got to see a coupe HUGE turtles… which each time I thought were rocks in the roads til my driver told me to watch them move… it was super fun!! huge wild turtles walking down the middle of the roads 🙂

so now, i must tell you about some of the people i have encountered… why do people feel if you are travelling alone that you must be desperate to chat with them… note to the planet – I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!! Back away all crazies… but instead, here they come out from the woodwork.

So monika from Google ( and SanFran) was at the Giraffe Manor; she was a delight but there was another woman who came to the Elephant Orphanage with me and she was certifiable. Now I know to some it may seem odd the way I talk to every animal on the planet and truly feel that we could be pals but this woman, from all accounts, was trying to romance them. She would go to every SINGLE enclosure and say things in a sucky yet sultry voice… Well, aren’t you a big boy…yes, yes you are… would you like me to be your big Mamma… (and then repeat it 30times) Yes you are Mammas big big boy – come over here to see me big boy…
I swear to god the elephants were backing themselves into the corners thinking… OMG who let the Cra-Cra out!!!
Then she cried all the way back to the manor because she was so moved by the place – which i TOTALLY understand, but lady, keep it together.

Then at LAke Nakuru, I casually – very casually asked a man what lens he was using on his camera (an older man approx 70, which usually I am really good thing) well, opened a HUGE can of worms there… he came up to my porch, sat himself down and proceeded to give my the ENTIRE history of his camera brand (Linux, I think) and tell me that he has gotten the best pictures of his whole group with only his lil point n shoot THEN… made me look at ALL his photos and watch ALL his videos – – do you have any ideas how many photos people take while on safari in Africa  – – ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I, semi-patiently, sat and oohh’d and aahhh’d where expected, because that’s how my mommy raised me… be polite to your elders – – all while dying inside – then after it all said and done, he asked where I was from and OMG he and his group were from Canada too  – a cpl from Calgary and a lot from BC..they were there in a photo group with some professor from AB. So now he is calling over people from out of the rooms, interrupting people talking and walking by in lil groups – oh it was crazy!! I had nothing to say but Hi and yes we are from the same country!! let’s it…

Then once here met an awesome couple from the twin cities but then when they went home another lady thought I needed to be her new pet project and won’t leave me alone. She asks me 6million questions in rapid fire concession so I never really have a chance to answer before the next one comes out – she doesn’t even listen to the answer, so we really aren’t chatting – she is TALKING… How do you politely say NO I don’t want to join for dinner… or time by the pool  – honestly lady, your husband even pretends he’s sleeping during dinner so he doesn’t have to chat with you. It’s sad because I am happy to put on my fake Safeway  smile and get thru a brief chat but when you are stuck at the same location, same restaurants etc for days on end… it gets to be too much and honestly – i LOVE my alone time. even though I am a big babbler myself, I actually also like quiet time.

So that my lil (hahaha)  vent so far about the trip before I head off to yet another dinner of dodging the eye of my kind chatty “rescuer”

HUgs and see you soon, Carole