MT Kenya is yet again another type of climate – very rain-forest ish!!! Rich greenery, thick forests and bush etc… but as you Vancouverites know, that also means rain; which honestly I am fine with.

After driving for 5hrs we pull up to this lil piece of heaven nestled in the forests up the side of Mt Kenya, it was gorgeous and lush.. but old – not broken down old but quaint and cozy old (very different from the push new-ness of the first place i stayed) but THEN… I get to my room.

you step out onto your balcony and you are looking a watering hole surrounded by wildlife – this was approx 1pm so there was some storks, cranes, waterbucks, and gazelles all happily grazing to their own content. it was magical to watch them  undisturbed and in their own element. I sat there for a few hours watching the change of herds come and go… this batch was replaced by a herd of elephants, then a lrg group of cape buffalo and so it went. At 6pm there was a rap on my door to remind me to come for dinner… which i quickly inhaled so I could get back to observe.

the sun goes down at approx 630p, so by the time I returned it was dark, however they have rigged lights (no glaring white lights but soft yellow ones so you can still whats cruising around.
At dinner they pass a piece of paper around for you to indicate what animal you are interested in seeing and should it come to the hole thru the night they will rap on your door so you can go to your balcony to look.

well, as I said to my Mom…’rap on my door, are they crazy, I will be sleeping out there so I can watch all night long?? this is heaven to me!! Go to sleep…crazy-talk??!!’

well, the best laid plans eh?? at about midnight it was getting real cold and abit quiet around the ol’hole so I went in to bed – BUT at 3am I was wide awake again and spent the rest of the morning out on my balcony watching and listening to every animal on the planet… many I had never heard of or obviously seen before.
I had a visitor on my balcony at about 5am (STILL PITCH BLACK OUT) called a genet cat…adorable thing with a beautiful striped tail. he came around the corner from the next balcony and was quite surprised I was there – but naturally I said HELLO!! he scurried off but within seconds (in typical curious cat fashion) he stuck his head back around the corner… to which I responded to “Hi again”. Then he run up the edge of the other balcony so now clinging to the wall with his claws, i am sure, but once again sticks his head around the corner for another look. so this time I said “yep I am still here” – -unfortunately i think this was too much for him to handle so he soon scooted in the other direction never to be seen again.

But during the night i did witness a young leopard try to pounce on an african hare which was hilarious because he clearly had no clue what to do once the rabbit was caught under his paw…everytime he would raise it up the rabbit would scurry off…really funny!! but i guess he needs to learn too…

then in the AM went for an incredible nature walk… will chat about it on another post because i have a fabulous picture of the incredibly sexy outfit i had to wear during this walk…(if the material didn’t protect me from everything and anything  I am sure the stench inside of it would have…OMG!!!!!)

oohh crap, another lady waiting for the computer has now exhaled twice so I had better signed off but tomorrow I will try to recall all the happenings at Lake Nakuru – yep been there before but this time was very different – and sadly not in a good way; but everyday can not be spectacular, even in Africa I guess

Hugs and thanks for checking in, Carole