So sorry I haven’t been able to post; this trip is much much different from the last. Although lodging has been leap n bounds above the last safari, the wi-fi i was depended on, has SUCKED.
Trip started off great with a quick visit with Emma in London. I grabbed the Expressway to the infamous Paddington Station, where I naturally got to hug Paddington Bear and then we headed out with a plan to see abit of London…. well, you know what its like when girls get together… we went to get a quick meal (an amazing steak dinner), had a few beverages, shared many laughs and sadly time was up and I had to get back to the airport. I would like to say it was the fastest 8hrs ever… but honestly i have just experienced the fast 1.5weeks EVER.

I can’t believe the safari part is over already… holy crap it was Awesome!!! I revisited the Giraffe Manor which was as magical as the first time… with the giraffe’s kisses, eating from my hands and plenty of photo -ops!! As a few of you know, that was always the place I got rammed by a wild wart hog that i foolishly was convinced i was bounding with while I enjoyed a couple glasses of Chardonnay…I have the bruises to prove that we were not as tight as I hoped 🙂
(Mom has to remind me constantly and firmly “they are wild animals”)

Spent some time at the Elephant Orphange where they do really amazing work taking care of baby elephants that have been orphaned due to poaching or disease… either way these precious creatures are left on their own and if not cared for, they too would die. I had hoped to visit with my baby girl that I adopted 4yrs ago but she is a big girl now and has graduated to the big girl camp away from the babies and therefore no more visiting for her and the public as they are working on her reintroduction to the wild. I did spend some great one on one time with another special girl and can’t wait to share those photos with you all soon.

Then we were off to Samburu, the most north I have ever been in Kenya so a completely different climate…very dry, dusty, windy etc..but with that came a ton of animals I had never seen before. Completely different type of zebra, and gazelles only to be found in that region and more. Also forgot to mention that I had my own personal driver and guide this trip so we were 100% on my agenda …which meant one or two days we would just sit with a family of cheetahs for almost an hour watching them play fight, relax, tease each other etc… it was heaven. Another day I sat for over 45mins watching a HUGE group of baboons do the same thing…push each other out of trees, jump on top of unexpecting family members if they walked under a branch they were on, throw poop at each other – it was hilarious.
My driver kept checking in – ‘Are you ok, do you wish to move on??’ and i was constantly saying… I am perfectly happy right here.

I arrived at ‘camp’ with the customary cool fresh towel and cold drink served by the kindest and most hospitable people on the planet. They don’t let you carry your own bag, open your own doors…nothing… these people treat me better than I treat myself…all with a big smile!! so I am then shown to my spacious glorious permanent ‘tent’ and out the front opening of it I can see a herd of elephants walking by, eating some leaves, minding their own business… it was the most perfect of welcomes!! obviously I stayed out on my veranda for a couple hours just watching in awe.

and that was all the first 2 days – insanely perfect…

hopefully will have time for more catch up tomorrow or the next day but for now know that I am in the beautiful place I have ever been in my whole life – and although I did NOT want to leave the Masai Mara at all, this place is a spectacular 2nd choice! Take a look for yourself

Hugs and Kisses and hope you are well, Carole