Amy Kingsford

It’s no secret how much I adore Amy Kingsford as a scrap designer, a teacher and all round incredible person. I have admired her style evolution from beautiful to breath-taking to simply stunning… she has also developed from traditional to digital to hybrid…flawlessly!

So naturally when she started holding scrap challenges I really wanted to participate…however sadly haven’t been able to til this weekend. (still loving my 2 Sundays a month off… and today’s was super creative)

This week is InspirationChallenge No.6 which is a take off from her article on GetitScrapped Blog.
Earlier this year Amy taught a class called Inspiration Station that was great for people like me that have difficulty seeing something they admire or love but have an issue translating that onto a scrapbook page or design of some type. (btwn you and I… I have always had this problem. My mom can pick up a sewing pattern and imagine it in a variety of fabrics/materials and colours…whereas I can only see it in the material pictured on the package)

Police Album

So this is my attempt at taking an infamous Police album mentioned in her article and using it for inspiration on a scrap page…so naturally I copied it pretty literally but I tried and for my first one… I am gonna ‘be ok’ with it 🙂

I used a recent photo of J at a soccer practice  – he loves soccer but at the same time he is crazy about swimming, hockey, badminton, tennis with his mom and so many other things… my plan for this page was to embrace everything he is loving right now and that one lil guy can have a ton of different interests and talents.

All varities of his joy

I used one of Katie Ps older kits because it was based on primary colours, one of AASPN older templates, a few of KPs elements and brushes as well and then added a couple of default brushes to add the swatches of colour to the photo.

Thanks tons for stopping by,