Alot has happened since my last post in May and obviously too much to make blogging a possibility but now I have nothing but time on my hands…hahahaha

J’s Graduation

So June saw J’s preschool graduation (that’s right…they now graduate from preschool). It was as adorable as you would expect. If you need proof that my nephew is a budding rock star you need to watch the video here… he is the loudest one during the songs and the one to take GRAND heads nods showing his appreciation for everyone’s applause.

Spent a couple early evenings, at Js soccer practices and was amazed at how good he has gotten in one short season. He was even pretty good at listening to the coaches and listening to their instruction… shocking, I know.

Watch out Beckham!!!

Also the very successful completion of my Ride to Conquer Cancer. What a magnificent weekend -full of inspiration, courage, endurance and a F^%$ of alot of rain.

I did it!!

My Ride to Conquer Cancer RideMates

Last Rest Stop (Saturday) still wearing the PooPoo Jacket

Then towards the end of the month I enjoyed a few nights out with friends – great wine cruise with Jill from Granville Island and a fun time at my favourite wine bar in Gudrun with Harmony and a lil gift I got her and handcrafted tag 🙂

Jilly with Red and me with white…

Lil something for a friend

I was really busy at PC this month as well as with doc appts all in prep for my carpal surgery in July… no rest at all actually.

Beginning of July saw strawberries blooming in Richmond and i made my first batch of jam, also did a fun gift project with my friend Linda for her husband’s company and then OMG hell broke loose and I threw out my neck and spent 5days on drugs…right up to the morning of my carpal surgery. Its been almost 2weeks of immobility… but hey, I am on the mend and since I have a couple more days left before heading back to work… I might be able to get some scrapbooking or any type of creating done. Looking forward to it!!

Thanks for checking in, Carole

Hopefully ONE of these will work…

Surgery —