“Ok so I won…”

WOW this was ridiculously hard… who the heck wants a layout without a photo on it especially when 90% of mine are of my insanely adorable nephew!!!! then I remembered a lil conversation we had the day before and that I wrote it down to scrap… as well as a hand drawn hockey player image I had so slowly it all came together.

As you can see I used a TON of Anna’s stuff incl pieces of her Journey temp, some of Katie’s Brushes, Anna’s LoopdaLoops, some Christmas Lace, papers from Paisless Press and a real desire to get messy and abstract… to show the confusion of my poor 4 yr hockey player who mistakenly thought HE won the game. teeheehee

Thanks for looking… I must be honest here; I am getting alil nervous about Laine’s challenge for us tomorrow,