New Photography Class

I am so looking forward to Feb2012 as I have some great plans in play – with the mostest important being lots of time and energy spent on learning my new camera even better…I know what you are thinking; could anyone seriously take MORE photos but yes, yes I can.

I also joined Studio Calico’s kit club… yes, I know… my last kit club experience was not favourable but I have super high hopes for this one. I love every product they come out with and their community is super active; so that can only be good for this second kick at the can.

My hope... a pile of completed layouts

Also I have joined Laine’s LOAD212 class for the month. Here we agree (or plan to) create a new scrap layout every day of the month… its a great push to get a tons of layouts done that have been sitting around waiting to be completed ( or even started) then placed in albums. I tried this process in 2010 and completed 3 layouts – but think I have a better chance this time. My plan is to use a ton of the Black Dress and Basic Grey kits from last yr as well as do a portion of them digitally.

and then I have also signed up for a photography course… can never get enough expert instruction. It’s a whole day affair where we go to a couple destinations to photograph with instruction…should be interetsting.

SteveNash Fitness World

So lots of hobby based fun planned as well as the start of a new excercise and diet plan  – yep new month new plan (incl a training plan for the big RIDE) as well as the completion of a new business idea that has been in the works for awhile. (wish me luck on both counts)

I LOVE the start of a new month… it gives such a persection of rebirth and the chance to start over… and I am embracing it fully.
Check back soon to see how it all unfolds,

thx for stopping by,