First Skates

J and I had an awesome afternoon… but as soon as I saw him and told hime that we were gonna going ice-skating; he stated a matter of factly… ‘I am gonna play hockey auntie’.

Sadly I am always the ‘bubble buster’… ‘Well bud you have to learn to skate first; then maybe you can play one day’.

His confidence in his own ability (before EVER slipping on his first set of skates) is nothing short of admirable. He was convinced that once he shows me how well he skates; he WILL be playing hockey. aaahhhh, I do love 4yr self-assurance!!

J meet ICE !!

So he had abit of a rough start… even with all that confidence… as soon as those skates hit the ice and his legs went out from underneath him, he landed on his butt and declared… “WOW it’s slippery” but even with all his ‘ice time’ he constantly had a smile on his face

Everyone needs alil help

He was ready to leave pretty much 5mins after arriving but after watching some guys play hockey in the rink beside us… he was happy to stay about longer.

Look at action shots!!!!

He's doing IT!!

He totally got into it after a few shaking moments and we stayed for an hour and a half.

NHL look out!

Looks like a pro—

Then we headed off to the pumpkin patch and pizza hut to cap off the afternoon.

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