I like to keep alot of balls in the air

I was having a few cocktails with a GF last week on a patio and chatting about a couple things I am currently ‘working’ on and I casually stated I ‘HAVE TO’ get ‘whatever’ done. She sweetly replied with ‘oh, are you being paid?’

This got me thinking…aahh, NO but in my world, when I really really wanna do something – when I get some sort of emotional feedback (or pay off) like joy, mental-rest or simply the sense of accomplishment  then it is a ‘HAVE TO DO’.  

She said she could never put THAT kind of pressure on herself for a craft or a hobby or something else fun. And that made me realize that I LOVE PRESSURE… I thrive under pressure… if there is no deadline or expectation of me then I can flip and flop til the cows come home but you put a deadline on something and I guarantee you it WILL BE DONE!

So in the case of a fun hobby like card making or scrapbooking or photography, all the pressure I feel is all self-imposed and I am TOTALLY ok with it.

Lately I have been enjoying learning the process of ‘writing’ (OOOMG, even as I type that I can hear the universe, and by that, I mean my mother, laughing) yep, me writing… since it is such a HUGE part of scrapbooking, memory keeping and story telling, I thought it would be beneficial to learn more about it. And we know I have a HUGE problem with typing faster than I think and I never ever proof what I write – – oh yeah, and my problem of typing a completely different word than the one I wanted to use (what is THAT??)

I started with a lil course by Amy Sorenson at BPC that was fun – but I lost interest as many of the ‘writing prompts’ didn’t SPEAK TO ME and we know how things need to SPEAK to me. Also I am following @mamakatslosinit on Twitter (who is friggin hilarious) and LOVE her weekly writing prompts.

So on top of my regular 65hour work week, I HAVE TO write Pers Creations Sept newsletter, prep 6 scrapbooking kits incl crop pictures, write journalling, select papers & embellies for a MakingMemories crop Friday night, complete a couple blog posts for CustomCardsStudio (Fall/Autumn theme) and one for here for CG’s very fun new Challenge, plan/see a movie night with DEE this week, prep card for PRE-Class blog for JenMcGuire’s new class,  book coffee date with ANG, attend my first Camera Club’s fall session, make a dozen ‘fall-ish’ cards for VBOT meeting next week, WORK-OUT, do dinner with Todd, do MKs writing prompt about 9-11 and get some laundry done.

Truthfully not too bad of a week – especially 85% of it is stuff I CHOOSE to do!

I enjoy throwing balls in the air and trying to keep them up there.
What do you do that adds pressure to your world unnecessarily???

thx for checking in, Carole