So here’s my dilemma –

Checkstand Joy

There is a Quarter Century Luncheon with Safeway on the 15th of Sept. I am technically in my 26th yr but they only do them every 2 yrs or so… and you need to be invited…so the next one I could go to would be in 5-7yrs.

They don’t pay for it and I am working, but I could probably take the last couple hours off of my shift to go but A) do I want to give up the $$$$, B) I am the only one going from my store C) I will probably be bored senseless and have no one to talk too and D) if I do know people there then all I will think about is how fat I have gotten since they saw me last (when I was 17)
BUT here’s the dilemma… I have busted my butt to maintain 2 jobs for over 20yrs (well in the beginning of PersCreations is wasn’t really that hard) and yes, I know I am only at SFWY a couple days a week but still …its 2 days away from having a life and most importantly, 2-3 days away from my business and I  really feel that if they are gonna put on a lunch for ME (and a hundred others) then the least I can do is GO!!  And truthfully I am quite proud that I have had the same job for over 25 yrs… now a days not many people can say that!! But you see my dilemma….go out of a sense of “yeah a lunch to celebrate me” with a bunch of people I don’t like or even know or don’t go and regret it after…. Who am I kidding… I regret NOTHING- it takes too much energy>>>but what if I hear that the food was INCREDIBLE!!

Uugghh, what to do????

(update since this post was created… this morning I sent my regrets – just couldn’t justify it)

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