My HolidayWishes for you

I have been working hard in the last few weeks to get htrough alot of old semi-completed scrapbook pages… this is one of 6 recently done…I am on a roll and will be posting them all soon.

The journalling reads – My Holiday Wishes for You 2008

I wish you could know how much I love you – I wish I could give you everything your heart desires – I wish you could’ve met your great grandma – I wish you could say ‘Auntie’ – I wish I didn’t have to bride you with cookies each time I come by to babysit – I wish you could live closer to your Grandma to be surrounded by her love & laughter – I wish your heart could NEVER be broken – I wish you knew how lucky you were to have the Daddy you do – I wish I could prevent you from experiencing real pain – I wish I could help you take advantage of every adventure & opportunity life presents to you

What do you think??

Thx for checking in,