From the file of “Useless Info you didn’t know about ME”

Saw something every similar to this on someone’s blog last week and was reminded how fun it was doing these lists last yr.
So here is this month version…this is I NEVER…

will NEVER be 200lbs - close but NOT!!

I will NEVER be unemployed.

I will NEVER give birth.

I will NEVER weigh 200 lbs.

I will NEVER be 100% happy with my hair

I will NEVER EVER eat peanut butter and chocolate together

I will NEVER be subtle

I will NEVER be a vegetarian

I will NEVER be OK with or tolerate stupidity or ignorance

(OMG do you have any idea how hard it is to NOT add commentary after each statement…phew, look at the willpower in place)

Now some of them may be common sense to you but I do hope that a couple were alil bit of a surprise. Now its your turn – tell me a couple things you NEVER…

Thx for checking in,

Love Carole