Gorgeous PAPER displays

WOW- what a unexpectedly fabulous adventure.

My 1st Stampin Up Convention is behind me and I couldn’t have imagined it being any better. That company certainly knows how to do it up right. They treat you like gold and make sure you want for NOTHING… even if it is an extra butter shortbread cookie that is sitting under a HUGE sign saying ONE PER PERSON!!!!

Picnic Basket of Paper goodness

The demos and displays were magnificent with incredible ‘scenes’ created with only paper and other Stampin Up products…they were all breath-taking.

Not only were we visually stimulated but they showered us with gifts…from stamp sets and accessories to mini catalogs and unexpected surprises…like business tools.

They kept us entertained and amused and educated and intrigued… it was friggin AWESOME!!!


However no matter how far over the top SU went for us; nothing will compare to the girls  I got to know even better on the trip…what a fabulous group of women.

Each of them has their own fabulous personality traits and are pure joy to be around….which if you know me well…are not compliments I hand out regularly.

yet another 'success walk'

Also they are insanely talented; out of just our group we had 4 Artisan Award finalists which is a group of 25 chosen from 100s and 100s of demonstrators that apply…am I in intimidating company or what??? (besides all being GORGEOUS!!)

yep that's a fascinator...thats another post!!

We had tons of fun; shared alot of laughs and a wee bit of wine…
Carrie, Diane and I lucked out at the hotel (great choice, Di) because they provided us with a full breakfast as well as a wine reception and dinner every night; so we were set and needed to spend very little out…you know, just Starbucks ‘almost’ daily…except for when Diane could steal our beverages :p !!

Connie, Mary and their biggest fan!!!

Also a fun delight at Convention was meeting a few ‘celebrities’ in the Stampin’ Up Card Making world and one of my tops has to be Connie Babbert and Mary Brown of Create with Connie and Mary  – and there is nothing more fabulous than meeting someone you admire and someone who is incredibly successful in a field you enjoy and realizing they are the kindest and most genuine people you could meet. What a sheer delight it was meeting them and getting to know them over dinner… that’s right… I had dinner with CONNIE AND MARY!!! Can you speak???? also had the pleasure of meeting the talented Lisa M on their team…she was awesome and always had a HUGE smile everytime I bumped into her throughout the week!!! Then we shared a table with them at the Kick-off Party – I was giddy!!!
(Ok fine; I will be honest…the reason we were invited to dinner with these icons is because the incomparable Carrie Gaskin is on their design team, duh…but still)

'Hi Stampers!!!!' says Dawn G

Say it with me ” Hi Stampers” I also had the honour of meeting Dawn Griffiths and she was just as sweet and joyful as she sounds in all her videos…she was genuinely nice when I stopped to say HI and thank her for all her inspiration. She was actually the one that suggested the photo and grabbed some stranger to take my camera and get a picture…how ridiculously sweet is that!?!?!?!

(we are not sure why I always have this weird over-the-top smile in every picture… truly I don’t know why…but I was smiling ALOT…even more than when I am paid to do it at the Big RED)

So that is my first recap of Convention… I will have abit more to share but think that gives you a good preview.

Big hugs and thx tons for checking in,