Strawberry Picking

I LOVE traditions – I love the consistency, familiar and comforting feeling that only comes from a longstanding repeated tradition and my mom set us up with LOADS of them…probably without even realizing it.

A regular trip we made as a family every June was out to Richmond to pick strawberries which  I have continued to do almost every yr and am now over-the-moon to have a partner!!

This is the 2nd yr J and I have gone picking and I am super excited that he seems to love it as much as we all did growing up.
Every couple mins, he would yell out…”Only the red ones, right Auntie” Right BUD! I say… then a few moments later I hear… “No green ones right Auntie” Right BUD! I say again.
Then once he walked over to me and said “Why no green ones” to which I responded “well take a bite” so naturally as any 4yr old would, he takes a bite. He faces all screws up in disgust and says “oohh Yucky” so I say “And that’s why we don’t pick the green ones.”

Sometimes he just needs to figure things out on his own… and I am so happy that he lets me come along for the ride.

He was trying to steal a couple of my berries here

We happily picked for about an hour…my back killing me; the berry bushes creating full-on allergic reaction all over my wrist and forearms; the wind kicking up the dry dirt and this is when the ‘other’ parts of tradition are remembered… there are always parts that your rose-coloured memory seems to block out 🙂

On the way back to pick up his Mom; J and I were equally thrilled with the thought of fresh strawberries and ice-cream when we got home… but naturally we had to call Grammie to bring her in on the fun and share our lil adventure and a few giggles!!
Thx Grammie for the great idea 40-odd years ago… love you!!
Also I had a MAJOR accomplishment today – the entire time with J I had my camera on Manual Mode…a small miracle for me.
Thanks for checking in,

How friggin old is he anyway?

oohh-had to share this pic too – I mean, is it me or does he look like he’s 6yrs old.