So I get home from dinner with Jill around 9pm, but had to be up at 330am on Tuesday since again I had gifts that needed to go out but needed to leave the office at 6am to get down to the Waterfront for a photography course that ran from 8am til 6pm.

Now I realize I will NOT get any sympathy for spending an entire day learning more about my most favorite subject, photography – but at this point on Tuesday, I am beyond exhausted. I arrive at the conference room and am instantly choked (cuz I am alil testing as it is) because it is sent up in stadium seating…. no tables to lean on and nod off on… oh, its gonna be a long day- 6 hrs straight of TALK seminar.

Blue Skies??/

Well I was very wrong – instantly I was captivated by the 2 speakers from Capturing True Emotion. They clearly knew what they were talking about but they also knew how to keep you engaged. Val spoke to my heart by saying that he doesn’t want photo taking to become technical now while we are focusing on aperture, shutter speed etc – and didn’t want us to lose that emotion and energy we feel about our subjects and how we feel about capturing moments. This resounded with me and I was riveted from that moment on. (Sadly the end of the day, we were outside completely and once again I was suffering with itching eyes and constant sneezing… it was awful)

While I felt like I learned a TON, this screen shot above shows EXACTLY how much I learned. Open that image and check out the differences in the BLUE SKY – the different variations  -these are all straight out of the camera – no post production at ALL –  it looks like totally different days or time of days vs simply secs apart. This was all achieved by adjusting where you meter your light from… AWESOME lesson.

So left downtown at the end of the day and headed directly back to the office – yep more orders came in during the day that of course needed to be prepped.
Another late day and super early morning on Wednesday; so even though I was at my office at 430am today (yep got to sleep in a smidge) I had to leave for Harrison Hot Springs to drop off a client’s dozen gifts for her trade show by 630a,  BUT had a HUGE aha moment this morning..

WHAT the heck???

I wanted to capture how ridiculously messy my office is right now… representing my WORLD completely. but damn it, it was way too friggin dark. BUT instantly I knew how to fix it… 2seconds later…I took this photo…AAAAAAHhhhhhaaaa!! let me tell you how delighted I was.

Then at Harrison, I was so happy I had my camera cuz I was able to catch the shot at the bottom of the post.
Again it is straight from the camera, those blues came out perfectly… I was so happy because we all have those moments when you look at your photos after printing and realize they don’t look half as sharp or rich as what you saw with our naked eye … and in the simplest terms, isn’t THAT what we all trying to capture with our cameras.


Thx again for checking in,

WAY BETTER...well sort of